Is it permanent?

The procedure is not permanent. The muscle relaxation typically lasts 3-4 months, at which point a follow up appointment is recommended.

Can I be allergic to it?

Allergic reactions to Botox® are extremely rare, and reported reactions have been mild. Consult an allergist to ensure you will not have an allergic reaction to any of the protein ingredients found in Botox®.

How soon can I see an effect?

The effects of Botox® may be seen as early as 24-72 hours. The full effects of the treatment will be visible approximately 2 weeks following the procedure.

Can I receive a lethal dose?

The average injection is about 100 units of botulin, and it would take between 3,000-30,000 units for Botox® to be lethal under normal conditions. It is not physically or financially possible to overdose during a procedure. Your dentist is a trained professional and will ensure that the dosage administered will not in any way be harmful to their patients.

Is the injection painful?

Some patients report slight discomfort in the injection areas during the procedure, however, due to the small size of the needle, any and all pain is extremely minimal or nonexistent. Pain may also be averted entirely if an anaesthetic is used on the injection areas prior to the procedure.

Are there reasons I should not use Botox®?

There are some conditions under which it is not advised to have Botox® administered. These include pregnancy or lactation, known hypersensitivity, infection in or around the injection area, the use of certain medications, or the presence of certain medical disorders. Please ask your provider for more details regarding whether or not Botox® is right for you.