Botox®, Xeomin & Dysport

Botox® is the most commonly used trade name for the group of pharmaceuticals called neuromodulators. The other most common neuromodulator brands are named Xeomin and Dysport. All dentists that provide neuromodulator treatment will typically use one of these three brands. We will commonly refer to all neuromodulators as “Botox” however Xeomin and Dysport are also implied in the name’s application.

Cosmetic & Pain Relief Benefits

Botox® is one of the most popular non surgical cosmetic procedures done today. It is a natural purified protein that relaxes wrinkle causing muscles creating a smoothed and improved appearance. The use of Botox® is not limited to its cosmetic benefits. It is used in the treatment of jaw pain, migraines and bruxing (teeth grinding).

The Alberta Dental Association and College has recently changed the scope of practice for dentists to include the use of Botox® as part of their practice of dentistry. Not all dentists are certified to use Botox®. Certification is granted by completing the appropriate courses outlined by the Alberta Dental Association and College.

Check out our FAQ page for more frequently asked questions about Botox and other neuromodulator treatments.

What is Botox, Xeomin, Dysport?